What's New for 2023

***News re MusicFestivalSuite

New to MusicFestivalSuite – note that your Teacher, Parent and Accompanist (if you have one) need to create their own profiles before you so that you can link with theirs.

If you were at Provincials this past Spring and created an ID for yourself, for your Teacher, Parent and Accompanist (if you had one) – PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PROFILES CAN BE EXPORTED to our Festival.  The Teacher, Parent and Accompanist must do this first and then the Student can export their ID.  In each case, go to your ID with OMFA, go to menu, go to Linked Profiles, and then the “Export Profile to Other Festivals” button appears.  Click that button and our Festival (National Capital Region Music Festival 1945) will show up as an option.  Click that and you’re ID will show up on our database.  Remember though – the Teacher, the Parent and the Accompanist all have to do this BEFORE the Student.

Other items to remember:
     Public health orders permitting, the Festival will be undertaken as a live Festival.
     The Festival has added Canadian & First Nations repertoire classes to various disciplines.
     The Festival has added classes for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ composers to various disciplines.

Further Updates

From time to time, the Festival will update the Syllabus after its initial publication. Please consult the Syllabus itself, along with the Syllabus updates, to keep abreast of any changes.

As part of our mission to improve the Festival each year, we are always happy to receive suggestions, comments, and criticisms, from teachers, parents and other professionals. We review all input in order to best determine whether and how it might be incorporated into either the Syllabus or the operation of the Festival.

Enjoy the Festival!