Following is a list of accompanists who have indicated they are available for the Kiwanis Music Festival.   Participants are, of course,  able to use the services of the accompanist of their choice for the Festival, even if they are not shown on this list.

Please understand that the Kiwanis Music Festival presents this list for your reference only.   You must make your own arrangements directly with any accompanist regarding suitability for your instrument/voice, and on all financial matters, including any/all rehearsals and for the final performance at the Festival.   To confirm your intent, it is entirely appropriate for the accompanist to ask for a retainer up-front, once the details are settled.  The accompanists listed are professional musicians who have agreed to help young Festival participants during this year’s Festival.  It is the responsibility of the participant to contact and contract the accompanist, to get a copy of the repertoire to him/her at the earliest date, and to make all other arrangements regarding all financial, rehearsal and performance requirements.

While we at the Kiwanis Music Festival do our best to make a list of professional collaborative musicians available to participants, we cannot take responsibility for the quality of their performances, nor for their practices, rates, availability, terms, etc.   It is up to the participant to negotiate any and all terms directly with the accompanist.

This list will be updated prior to the Festival, as new information becomes available.  Please book accompanists EARLY to finalise optimal rehearsal and performance arrangements, and make sure the festival knows who your accompanist is.

If you are an accompanist and wish to be added or removed from this list, or to correct your information, please email us –

If you have any questions, please contact the Festival at

Marlene Basarab, ARCT., 613-823-3895
Wendy Berkelaar, M.Mus, 613-316-7144,
Natalia Bogdanova, 613-270-8453
Ian Clyne, 819-682-3757,
Asher Farber, B.Mus and M.Mus (Toronto), 613-843-0138,
Juliana Gallant, M.Mus, 613-298-8917,
Judy Ginsberg, 613-224-1267,
Anastassia Grankina, 613-298-6884,
Jo-Ann Holden, B.Mus (McGill), 613-747-6914
Katarina Jovic, M.Mus, 613-261-7681
Carla Klassen, B.A., ARCT, LTCL, 613-745-5598,
Amélie Langlois, M.Mus, 613-271-0787,
Echo Lau, M.Mus, 613-863-3031,
Paula W. Lin, B.Mus., M.Mus., 613-721-2850,
David Loyer, 613-236-4396
Kathy McGee, B.Mus, 613-825-9380
John McGovern, 613-225-2807
Maria Eugenia Pena Menendez, 613-862-0409,
Laura Mennill, 613-233-3350
Margaret Macpherson, M.A., ARCT, LMM, 613-730-0049
Sarah Molenaar, B.Mus., ARCT, ACCM,613-241-5722<
Joanne Moorcroft, B.Mus, M.Mus., 613-592-2737
Claire Naud, BA (Ed), M.A., ARCT, 613-737-4758
Monique Nadeau, B.Mus, ARCT, 613-592-8652,
Erin Parkes, M.A., 613-270-8298,
Ryan Phelps, B.Mus,
Matty Poon, M.Mus, 613-513-9388,
Kathleen W. Prochnau, ARCT, RMT, 613-864-4895,
Heather Rice, ARCT, B.Mus, ARCCO, 613-563-1409
Scott Richardson, B.Mus, M.A., Ph.D, 613-854-8242,
Sally Robinson, B.Mus, ARCT, 613-232-2282
Nick Rodgerson, email:
Sally Rowsell, B.Mus, B.Mus.Ed, M.Mus, 613-324-0343,
Laura Sinclair, ARCT, 613-314-5634,
Erica Smith, B.Mus., ARCT, 613-740-0224
Claire Stevens, 613 263 5075,
Henry Tang, ARCT, 613-265-8888
Sabrina Tang, ARCT, 613-314-0272,
Larry Tarof, Ph.D., 613-899-8762,
Risa Renee Tonita, 613-371-3212,
Teresa van den Boogaard, Hon.B.A.(Mus), ARCCO, 613-260-5969
Cristalle Watson, M.Mus, B.Mus., 613-237-0148,
Sarah Westbrook, B.Mus.,ARCT, 613 240-3488,
Ruth Kwan, M.Mus,
Deborah Protsack, ARCT RMT, 403.318.6090,
Nicholas Busch M.Mus,

Suggested minimum fees are as follows:
Junior and Intermediate……………………………$30
Rehearsals…………………………………… ……….$35 per hour