Syllabus, Adjudicators, Dates, Locations

Following is important information regarding the 2022 Festival.

Whether the Festival will be undertaken live, virtually, or in some hybrid format, whether in whole or in part, remains to be decided as of the initial publication of this syllabus.

The Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes as warranted.

Please be sure to check for any revisions to the syllabus.

Festival Rules & Regulations

Festival Rules & Regulations
Download the 2022 Festival Rules & Regulations

Video submission rules have been added to the Rules & Regulations.


Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Bands     To be announced

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Brass     Andrew Hodgson

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Chamber Music

Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Chamber Music     To be announced

Download the Chamber Music Syllabus

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Choirs     Patricia Abbott

Download the Choirs Syllabus

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Composition     Christopher Norton

Download the Composition Syllabus

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Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
 Ensembles     To be announced

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N.B. Ensemble classes will be scheduled among classes of other disciplines, and overseen by the adjudicators of those disciplines, as best fits the make-up of participating ensembles in those classes.


Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Guitar     Sylvie Proulx

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
 Harp     Kristen Theriault

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Music Theatre

Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
Music Theatre     Susan Eichhorn-Young

Download the Music Theatre Syllabus

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Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
Orchestras     John Krauss

Download the Orchestras Syllabus

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator

Leora Nauta

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Percussion     Ralph O’Connor

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator
Elementary and Junior Graded Piano     Joan Woodward
Elementary and Junior By-Age Piano     Joan Woodward
Intermediate Graded Piano     Geoffrey Conquer
Intermediate By-Age Piano     Geoffrey Conquer
Senior and Advanced Graded Piano    

Edward Turgeon

Senior and Advanced By-Age Piano     Edward Turgeon
Open Piano    

Edward Turgeon

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Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
Senior, Advanced, and Open Strings     Min-Jeong Koh
Elementary, Junior, and Intermediate Strings     Gregory Lewis
Suzuki Strings     Gregory Lewis

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Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
Senior & Open Voice     Carolyn Hart
Junior Voice    

Elizabeth McDonald

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Discipline Venue Date Adjudicator

Chris James

Woodwinds     John Krauss

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World Instruments

Discipline Venue Dates Adjudicator
Chinese Instruments     Lina Cao

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