What's New for 2021

Each summer, we take stock of the previous Festival, review feedback provided by all our participants (volunteers, teachers, adjudicators, performers, etc.) and examine trends in music festivals around Ontario and Canada, in order to consider changes to the Festival rules and regulations and to the classes the Festival has on offer.

Here is a summary of new additions or alterations in this year’s Festival:

  • As the Festival is being undertaken by means of video submissions, the Festival Rules & Regulations has been revised to account for the difference between this format and the Festival’s traditional live performance format.
  • As of October 2020, performers must be recommended by the adjudicators to qualify for Provincials.  Click here for information on Provincials guidelines.

Further Updates

From time to time, the Festival will update the Syllabus after its initial publication. Please consult the Syllabus itself, along with the Syllabus updates, to keep abreast of any changes.

As part of our mission to improve the Festival each year, we are always happy to receive suggestions, comments, and criticisms, from teachers, parents and other professionals. We review all input in order to best determine whether and how it might be incorporated into either the Syllabus or the operation of the Festival.

Enjoy the Festival!